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If your life was a playlist, what songs would be on it?

When was the last time you had a peaceful meal? Imagine that it’s a lunch time on a work day. You enter a fast food restaurant to grab a bite. It’s crowded, so you wait. And wait. The queue is long. The signs are bright and eye-catching. There is background music and talking. And the longer you wait, everything begins to feel reALLY. NOISY. This has happened to me so many times, that the memory is vivid to this day. I try to past time by looking at my phone or dwelling on the 110 thoughts in my head, but I can’t think. I’m tired and hungry. Then, if I have a bit more time, I’d want to sit for awhile. But I can’t seem to stay because the noise adds to the one within my head. Instead, I’d prefer to takeaway and find a quieter place for me.

So what’s Sog? (pronounced so-gee)

SoG hopes to be that quiet space. Social Greens (Sog) is an ex-healthcare professional’s (that’s me, Hanisah!) dream to inspire, help & connect everyday young adults to the things that matter to them. Perhaps since our schooling to work life, we’ve just gone with flow. Then one day, we find ourselves in a toxic or tiring place we never wanted. Or maybe things aren’t that bad. But it’s just unfulfilling. At the end of my life, will I have been doing things that meant something? (Cue reflections from Disney’s Soul movie – comment if you watched and have thoughts on it)

The articles in this website are not meant to be noise. They hope to be refreshing, deep conversations, like you would have with a good friend over teh/latte/juice/your choice of beverage. They’re adulting conversations. So why do we need them? Older persons would say we’re in the “prime of our youth”. We’re blessed & shouldn’t take things for granted. But sometimes I think that just means we have so many things going on: schooling, working, dating/in a relationship, volunteering, caregiving. We don’t win by doing it all. Instead, how many of these things are meaningful and fulfilling? Above all, what’s important? We hope these conversations help and accompany you through it. Because we know you’ve got it.

Choose the soundtrack of your life

Awhile back, a group of friends over at Open Book SG were preparing for a series of session with boys in residential care. We tried this reflective prompt that I’ll borrow here: to redesign our life like a playlist. Maybe we can’t change our lives immediately. Maybe it’s hard to find silence. But we all listen to music. We often ‘plug in’ to get ourselves in the zone to do something. So just as we plug in, we can choose the songs we want and the life we want, slowly.

Here are two ways:

A. With made up songs

This article’s cover photo is the post-it I scribbled during the prompt then. Take this as an example of whatever song titles you imagine –

A Humanitarian Life

  1. Bunga Raya, bintang, kupu-kupu (hibiscus, star, butterfly)
  2. Unbreakable
  3. 我的心 (my heart)
  4. खुश, बरखा, तक़दीर, पिया रे (happy, blessing, fate, love)
  5. Mahomet (Mohamed)
  6. ٱلنَّفْسُ ٱلْمُطْمَئِنَّةُ (a soul who is satisfied)

Here’s a brief explanation of my life playlist (if you wanna hear it!)
When I was younger, I was quite a social butterfly. Back then, I remember carefree happy days playing with my siblings and climbing trees. Befriending my neighbours and schoolmates came easily. I’m Malay and so Malay words remind me of beginnings/origins. In my late teen years, I had the hugest fallout with my best friends. It was depressing. But throught it, I learnt that I was tough, worthy and to care for my heart. It was also a time that I watched lots of Taiwanese dramas.. so the Mandarin! Later in my university years, I studied Tamil and Hindi. It was in these years that I reflected on my hopes & the things that are important to me. Upon finishing school and after a few exploratory work experiences, I chose my life role model. It is my sincere desire to emulate my Prophet Muhammad in his character to others, his faith & his humanitarian nature. This is so that at the end of my life, I hope to have a satisfied soul. This is one of the verses in my favourite chapter in the Quran, Al-Fajr. In that chapter, a satisfied soul will enter paradise eternally.

Then paste that scribble or post it in a place you look at it daily! Mine sits on my notebook cover where I write within regularly.

B. On a Spotify playlist (/YouTube/any other app/prog)

Alternatively, you can curate a list from real songs you love too. Here’s me shyly showing mine to you – With this, I choose songs for their lyrics and also the feeling I get listening to them. Connect to us on our SoG platforms? Let me know what you think.

You and I both know that this world/social media/people can get overwhelming. Maybe it’s like that for you right now. Then day after day, you struggle to stay afloat. It’s hard to get away, if we see no other choice. As a result, we go on autopilot & feel stuck. What would we give to have a clear, calm & purposeful life? This is where we’re at peace with and choosing things for ourselves. We’re driven to live daily. But where got time?? So we plug our earphones in. Then, we get on with the grind of the day.

As a step to hopefully being able to choose your life and what you’re doing, let’s just choose the song you’re playing. Try choose the songs that reflect your life journey. You can even choose the songs that you’d want to inspire your life tomorrow. They could be made up songs. They could be real. Or even of various languages. Hope it helps you, like it did for me. And have fun with it 🙂 Giving you a shortcut to click here to Spotify quickly!

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