👋🏼 Hi! We're Social Greens.

In 2017, Social Greens came about by one healthcare professional’s hectic work experience: constant intense training/assessment, toxic office politics, varied job scopes and long irregular hours, leading to a mind almost always drowning in work. Anything non-work related was thus stripped to the bare minimum: faith & family. No time for leisure or the community. No happy ever after. She survived. She wanted to help others do better.

We’re like you. We like lattes (and teh and kopi and juice). We like having deep, sincere conversations. We believe in sustainability / long term gain, harmony / win2 collabs and boundaries / firmness.

Our vision is a world of meaning, harmony & clarity within and around us.

Through deep conversations with ourselves, our environmment and each other. If these matter to you, let’s get together 🙂

Noor Hanisah

Creative Director

Hey, I’m Hanisah~ I started SoG after failing pharmacy.
I like skies, trees, writing, and latte makes me happy.

ahmad zaid

VP of Everything Else

Hi, my name is Zaid. 
I spelled my name without capital letters as a protest against capitalism.

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